Coffee Time Links – Nov 26, 2006

We’ve all had our turkey, our football, our shopping and our naps. It’s time for the reality of a full work week. There’s no better way to ease back into the grind than: One cup of coffee, fifteen minutes, and five great links!

  • Check out this example of bad service from YouTube!
  • Starbucker, true to form, has a great Thanksgiving story worth reading and (passing along).
  • Ed Sykes gives us his Six Secrets for Outstanding Customer Retention.
  • CRM Today announced a new book promising to help front-line service providers to handle difficult customers
  • Service Untitled offers a free pdf download of The Executives Quick Guide to Customer Service.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Time Links – Nov 26, 2006

  1. Thanks for the link Tom! That story really jogged a lot of memories for me, especially of that 74 Oldsmobile. That thing was like a tank – but it only got about 10 miles to the gallon. I have yet another accident story on that car to tell too (it’s a doozy). Stay tuned! All the best.

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