World-Class Service: Voice Tone

Dr. Ellen Weber has a great post that every one should read – especially if you work in a QA or supervisory position in a call center. Ellen puts some science behind what we already know: a good tone is something that can be learned and managed. What she taught me in her post today is that it’s good for you, your customers (if you’re a CSR), and everyone around you.

Don’t let your voice tone be a slave to your emotions, use it as a tool!

  1 comment for “World-Class Service: Voice Tone

  1. November 12, 2006 at 7:35 pm

    Thanks for the link Tom, and btw – thanks for the tone that fuels this blog.
    It often amazes me how I can slip into poor tone when the stressors hit – and it encourages me that I can learn tactics for good tone, by doing them so my brain rewires for more of them.
    It’s also fun to try to motivate others to try good tone, when rough waters hit:-) I always suggest we step to the left of a flying fits, in so doing though:-) Thanks Tom! Ellen

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