“Customer Non-Service”

I called Best Buy one time and, of course, was placed in queue. All of a sudden, I heard the cool sounds of Miles Davis’ "So What" in my ear. "Way to go Best Buy!" I thought to myself. "At least I’m gonna have Miles’ Davis and his trumpet to keep me company while I wait." Thirty seconds into the song they started it over! And then did it again, and again, and again. I’ll bet you I heard the first 30 seconds of "So What" 30 times by the time someone answered – and then I was MORE ticked off than if they’d left me in silence!

I was reminded of the painful, "salt in my paper-cut" experience because it’s #5 on Tim Stevens "Customer Non-Service" Top Ten List, which I discovered thanks to Chris Cree. This is a very worthwhile read.

I loved Tim’s list because he’s NOT a call center guy – he’s NOT a QA coach – he’s just a customer.

What a novel idea…listening to your customers.

Flickr photo courtesy of o2ma

5 thoughts on ““Customer Non-Service”

  1. Hey, Tom. I’d contrast that with the great experience I had when I called USAA to talk about insurance last night. I didn’t time it but I think I was on hold about 8 seconds before I spoke to an actual person. They didn’t ask me to repeat my account number which I’d dialed in.
    And even though the person I got initially could have answered some of my questions, she offered to transfer me to someone who could help me with all of the different products I was inquiring about. And then she stayed on the line until she made sure I was connected properly.
    Did I mention I keep giving them more business as my needs expand?

  2. I called a call center once, and they actually had a system that let me pick my hold music. It was incredible, I got to pick from Jazz, pop, country or classical. It was great! Like having my own jukebox.
    I call a lot of call centers, and I have never heard it again. A real shame..

  3. What a dumb thing to do. It reminds me of a call I made some years ago to correct a problem on my health insurance. (They apparently thought my sone and I were both born on the same day.) I called and got the usual “All agents are busy helping others, you are SO important to us please hold on. This repeated 3 times (180-seconds). Then I got a message offering me the opportunity to leave a voice message instead of continuing to hold. The repeated three times. (I am now 7 minutes into this and I get the following message: “All agents are still busy, please leave a voice message and we will return your call as soon as possible.” And I was then “dumped” into voice mail. After deciding to wait 7 minutes to speak with them, they simply ended the call. Its astounding the dumb things companies still do.

  4. It certainly fits the definition of “hypocritical” doesn’t it, Steve? I’m interested in what happened. Did you leave a message? Did they return your call? Did they acknowledge the fact that they didn’t answer your call?

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