Call Coaching? Go Get the CSR!

When I do individual call coaching, I always try to make a practice of going to get the CSR and escort them back to the coaching room rather than calling them and asking them to join me in the coaching room. It’s a small thing, but there are several reasons I do this:

  • Making the CSR come to me while I’m sitting there waiting feels a bit like a power trip to me. Many CSRs are uncomfortable enough with the coaching session, they don’t need me adding any more anxiety to the equation.
  • Going to their desks and escorting the CSRs allows me to set the tone for our conversation (hint: the same way I’m going to coach them to do with the customer), greet them with a smile, and make some pleasant conversation on the walk back. I sometimes find that I can diffuse a lot of anxiety just by joking around on that short walk to the coaching room.
  • Often, I learn a lot about the CSR on that walk. I may find out their mood, what kind of frustration they are dealing with, or their feelings towards the coaching session. This gives me a few moments to think how I might want to alter my approach for the session.
  • Plus, it lets me stretch my legs and get the blood pumping. That short walk can do a world of good for my energy level!

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Flickr photo courtesy of Big Blue Ocean

2 thoughts on “Call Coaching? Go Get the CSR!

  1. Tom, I do similar things when I’m teaching language courses. I find it’s definitely preferrable to try and start from where the students are than to try and have them come to where you are. That way, many times they don’t even realise they’ve changed the subject of conversation!

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