The ROI of Blogging (Cont’d)

My fellow group member, Scott, and I spent yesterday on-site with a new client. It was an awesome day of meetings with a wonderful bunch of CSRs, Supervisors, and call center managers. We were in the call center as part of an evaluation of their Quality Assessment (QA) program.

During an informal lunch meeting with the QA team, I had been doing more talking and sharing than eating. My sandwich sat in front of me with one bite out of it as others chowed down. The QA manager then said, "Okay, while we give Tom a chance to eat, why don’t we all share with him our favorite blog post."

It was fun and a bit surreal to hear each QA coach share the different posts that they found informative. To be honest, I had to rack my brain to remember some of them. It was interesting to hear the broad range of information and illustrations that they found helpful, and it was incredibly encouraging to me.

Why blog?

  • It extends your reach to people and places you would never otherwise reach
  • It allows you to network with other quality professionals in your field
  • It begins a dynamic and continuing conversation that allows others to learn about you and your business in ways that a traditional cob-web site never will

As we continued to eat lunch, one of the QA coaches asked, "So, now that you’ve been here are you going to write about us in your blog?"

Yes. Yes, I am. Thankfully so.

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  1 comment for “The ROI of Blogging (Cont’d)

  1. October 27, 2006 at 3:37 pm

    Blogs also let you think out loud and demonstrate that thinking to people who are considering paying you for your thoughts….kinid of a trial size of your work.

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