Cheers! It’s Customer Service Week in the UK

Today, QAQnA raises a pint and toasts the UK on their National Customer Service Week! We  trust that our British brothers and sisters in service are celebrating going "the extra mile" for customers. This might be a great way to have some fun and build morale on our side of the pond, as well. Here are a few ideas:

  • For the remainder of the week, designate one of your CSRs Customer Service "King" or "Queen" based on their service performance (you could get one of those cheesy Burger King cardboard crowns as a travelling trophy).
  • In your team meeting this week, use London Bridge as a metaphor for how we can do a better job "building a bridge" with our customers (then if someone has a bad QA call, quietly hum "London Bridge is Falling Down" as they walk into their coaching session – LOL!)
  • Get some of those lollipops that look like diamond rings. Give away the "crown jewels" in your coaching sessions as a reward for good performance.

(btw, that is NOT London Bridge in the picture – it’s the Tower Bridge as was pointed out to me by alert British reader Tim Teasdale)

Does anyone have any better ideas?! Post a comment and brainstorm with us!

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Flickr photo courtesy Mike Johnston

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