Why Iowa??

IowaI want to stray, just a bit, from the usual QA and Customer Service topics covered on this blog to address a question that I and my fellow group members often receive: Why are you located in IOWA?

I understand and will forgive any prejudices and stereotypes. I’ve travelled enough to have been corrected regarding more than a few of my own. I know that Iowa and the "fly-over" midwest has the reputation of being a bunch of hayseed-chewing, overall-wearing, John Deere-tractor-driving hicks.

But Iowa has a lot to offer:

  • It’s a great place to live. Forbes magazine ranked Iowa as the #1 state in "quality of life" (and Steve Forbes should know – he’s been here numerous times as a presidential candidate). I can attest to it: Great people, low crime rate, reasonable cost-of-living and quality education.
  • Iowa is centrally located, so we are just hours by car from Minneapolis, Chicago, Omaha, Kansas City and St. Louis. Plus, business on either coast doesn’t require a red-eye or an all-day flight.
  • Quality education means that the fields are ripe for finding quality workers (Iowa has one of the highest number of Ph.Ds per capita of any state).
  • Great things are happening here. We have the "Iowa blogging all-stars" and the world renown Iowa State Fair. My own town of Pella was recently named the location of the national attraction Earthpark, a one-of-a-kind amazonian rain forest and aquarium that will bring one million visitors a year and generate an estimated 2 billion dollars in revenue over the next decade (I only hope the Earthpark folks have their QA and customer service ducks in a row – but I’ll be keeping my eye on that!).

Come by for a visit! (Oh, and to answer your question – yes, the Field of Dreams does exist).

Flickr photo courtesy of megabn

One thought on “Why Iowa??

  1. I always think to myself what would L.A. and NYC do if they did not have the grain that comes from fly-over-land, ’cause you can’t make bagels or tortillas without corn and wheat.

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