A Different Twist on Calibration

I sat in on an interesting calibration session yesterday led by one of my fellow group members, Bene’ Zehr. In this particular case, the client has eight supervisors and managers who have responsibility for analyzing calls and coaching their reps on a monthly basis. Their calls are broken up into approximately eight different call attributes with anywhere from three to eight behavioral elements included in each attribute.

In the calibration session yesterday, Bene’ asked a different supervisor or manager to lead the discussion for each attribute. The participant had to take the lead as we walked through each behavioral element and discussed how each person scored it. If there was some disagreement how to score an element and a decision had to be made, Bene’ expected the person leading that attribute to make the call.

I complimented Bene’ on her approach. The session:

  • allowed each participant in the calibration to share leadership responsibilities, allowing them to hone some of their leadership and facilitation skills
  • gave each person some empowerment, as they might be required to "make the call"
  • made participants use critical thinking and reasoning skills; if they did have to "make the call" it meant they had to think through the issue and come up with a reasonable answer based on the groups’ feedback
  • was more of a "shared" experience than previous calibration sessions I’d attended

This format may not work for everyone, and it may not be the best format for every session. Nevertheless, it might be something interesting to try in your next session. If nothing else, it may shake things up a bit to try something different!

Post a comment and let me know how it goes!

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Flickr photo courtesy of alexmuse

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