What’s Your Motivation for QA?

When I studied acting in college I learned the importance of motivation. Good actors are constantly looking below the surface of the lines in the script to figure out what it is their characters want. What you want – what motivates you – determines what you say and how you say it. Haven’t you ever heard "what’s my motivation?" as a cliche in movies and television?

But it’s a great question. What’s my motivation? Why are you doing QA? I’d like to pose the question to all QA managers, coaches and supervisors. If I asked your CSRs why they’re monitored and coached, what would they have learned from you?

"My calls are monitored and coached because…

  • I’ll be fired if I don’t
  • CSRs aren’t trusted
  • All the other companies are doing it
  • We want to be ranked highest in the industry by Purdue
  • We want to win Baldridge
  • We have to be COPC compliant
  • We want to give the best service possible to our customers
  • We want to exceed customer expectation
  • We want to drive customer loyalty
  • I don’t have a clue."

What would your CSRs say? Which message above are you sending in your words and actions? Which message do you want to send? Are you sending a different message than the one you desire? Are you  confident that everyone on the QA team is sending a consistent message?

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