When CSRs Question QA Elements

I’ve been in many call coaching sessions in which a CSR begins to question why they are expected to do this or that in a call.

"Why do we have to use the customer’s name in the close of the call?"
"What’s the big deal with apologizing?"
"Why am I required to offer to help with other needs before closing?"

I’m never defensive about these types of questions. In fact, I look at it as a good reality check. What I will never do is respond with a statement like "because the definition document says it right here" or "that’s just what management expects". That only reduces the dialogue to some sort of sad parent/child debate we’ve all experienced that ends with "because I told you so!" The CSR will walk away assured that there is no good reason for the element and both the coach and program will have lost the CSR’s respect.

If I can’t clearly articulate why a certain element is in the scale then I figure one of two things is possible:

  1. I just don’t understand the reason for the element, in which case I need to find out and grasp it well enough to clearly communicate it to a CSR.
  2. There isn’t a good reason for the element and I should begin the process of eliminating it from the scale.

So what do you say to the CSR? I usually something like: "You bring up a great
question, and I’m not sure I have a great answer for you. But I will
look into it and get back to you later today.
" Then I follow up with either the reason or what I’m doing to look into it.

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