Coffee Time Links – July 25

Fifteen minutes. One cup o’ joe. Five great links. Ahhhhhhhhhhh….

  • Easton Ellsworth reports that there are some exciting changes to CoComment for bloggers. You’ve never used CoComment? I’m using it now. You should, too!
  • Mark True accused me this morning of being a crazed, naked Irishman! Now, I have Irish blood on my mom’s side, but I had to read Michael Wagner’s post to understand Mark’s accusation. Strike up the pipers!
  • Heidi Miller introduced me to Chris Brogan at who reminds us that sometimes a hand written thank you stands out in a world of e-mail bytes and voice-mail beeps. As someone who still relishes the tactile feel of a nice pen in my hand gliding over paper, I heartily agree!
  • Robyn McMaster gave a humbling report about being present when Dr. Ellen Weber received her Mug Club mug. Thanks Robyn! You made my day!
  • Anonymous Cog has been writing a little twilight-zone-esque serial. What happens when his dead 5th grade Sunday School teacher shows up in his monitor at work?

13 thoughts on “Coffee Time Links – July 25

  1. Coffee Time Links – July 25

    [Source: QAQNA Call Center QA Questions & Answers] quoted: Easton Ellsworth reports that there are some exciting changes to CoComments for bloggers. You’ve never used CoComments?

  2. Hi Tom– I did about 8 years in call centers for the local Bell operating company. I served on various quality initiatives, including one for repair service (I forget the acronym) and DASP- Directory Assistance Service Perception. It’s still a pet interest of mine today, so neat to find your site.
    I’m glad Heidi Miller connected us. Drop by some time.
    –Chris Brogan.

  3. Tom, ain’t coCo great? It’s “coComment,” not “coComments” – confusing, I know, what with Commentful and co.mments as similar services.
    Fun and useful links here, as always.
    One week till B-Day, everyone. (No, not my birthday – the other B-Day.)

  4. Tom, I just read Ellen’s words on Robyn’s blog, and I’m not trying to pile on here, but what the heck – she’s so right! From your Starbucks swilling, 70’s disco loving friend in Connecticut.

  5. Ah, yes. When I lived in France, I came to carry nothing but fountain pens and enjoyed writing with them more than anything else. Sadly, the refills are hard to come by here, and I’ve gone back to regular ball-points, but it’s just not the same, is it?

  6. Let’s see Heidi, you lived in France…so I guess you were using a Waterman? Please don’t give up on your fountain pens. You can find refills at places like There’s nothing like feeling that nib glide over the paper!

  7. Good for you, Susan. I know Namiki made the vanishing point popular. I was a bit surprised when I dropped by the Mont Blanc store (to dream) that they have now made a vanishing point pen. Very interesting!

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