How Do People Respond to Call Monitoring?

A common question we are asked is: "When CSRs know they’re being recorded, does it change the way they act on the phone?"

The answer is really two-fold:

  • The initial shock period of "Oh my! My calls are being recorded!" is usually very short lived. Most people think about it briefly, but then the calls start rolling in and they settle back into their normal behavioral patterns.
  • If it does cause people to be mindful of what they’re saying and step-up their service because they know they’re being recorded, well, that’s a good thing.

I’m actually surprised at the people who either don’t believe their calls are being recorded or don’t care. There are very rare cases where someone does something so abhorrent that you scratch your head and think, "didn’t you know that your calls were monitored?"

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2 thoughts on “How Do People Respond to Call Monitoring?

  1. I think there’s a third part of the answer too – our agents look at the recording as a “source of truth” and actually take comfort that if there are any disputes later on about what the customer said or didn’t say, it’s “right there on the tape”. This was an unexpected benefit I didn’t anticipate and it has actually boosted our agents confidence. All the best Tom!

  2. Great point Starbucker! Thanks for catching something I missed. I find that most agents actually respond positively to the advantages that call monitoring provides for them, just as you describe.

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