Is My Coaching Weighing Them Down?

My goal with call coaching is simple: I want the CSR to feel more encouraged, better equipped and more empowered when they walk out of the session than they did when came in. One of the things I’ve learned in my years of training and coaching is that it’s easy for CSRs to leave their coaching session feeling weighed down. Usually, I see this happen when too many things are covered in the session or they are given too many things to work on.

I make a general rule of never giving more than three elements to work on between coaching sessions. How do I decide which three among the grocery list of elements the CSR may need to work on?

  • Which element do they miss most often? Don’t just coach on one call. It’s important to track QA results on an element by element basis so you can see which call elements they are missing consistently. Use that data to determine priority needs.
  • Which elements are most applicable? Yes, the CSR may have terrible Hold Etiquette, but if they only use the hold button on 5 percent of calls, you probably have higher priorities.
  • Which elements will have the greatest impact on Customer Satisfaction? This is where Customer Sat research is invaluable. Knowing what drives your customer’s satisfaction should be a key ingredient in determining coaching priorities for the CSR.


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