Mug Club Winner – Anonymous Cog

Qaqna_badge_1Our first ever QAQNA Mug Club winner is, well, anonymous. Anonymous Cog (AC) writes one of my favorite blogs: Call Center Purgatory and has become a good friend of QAQNA.

Three reasons AC is a winner:

  1. Content. His blog is a mixture of honest, sincere introspection with generous doses of humor and intelligence. He provides a balanced front-line perspective – wanting to provide excellent service to his customers and yet being real about the frustrations that come in any call center environment.
  2. Action. He is a very active blogger, extending the conversation through comments and links. You’ll find a ton of good stuff on his blog roll and in his posts.
  3. Generosity. He has shown generosity and goodwill to me and other bloggers. He’s gong out of his way to e-mail me directly, share an encouraging word and give some excellent advice on extending my blog’s traffic and reach.

How can Call Center Purgatory benefit you?

  • Thought provoking posts from someone in the customer service trenches
  • Excellent links to other blogs and bloggers
  • The experience of a blogging veteran who’s done it well

QAQnA lifts our coffee mug in a toast to AC! The Mug Club badge of honor has been sent to AC if he wishes to post it on his blog. He will also be the recipient of his very own coffee mug courtesy of QAQnA and c wenger group.

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