Filling the Well: Great Links for Your Monday Morning Coffee

Cwg_coffee_cup_lr_1 It’s Monday morning. Get the sleep out of your eyes. Grab that cup o’ joe. It’s time to "fill the well":

  • Do you want positive behaviors in your call center repeated and replicated? Joyce Wycoff discusses the link between rewarding behavior and innovation.
  • Is your service slipping? Courtesy of Customer Service Reader is an article about what United Airlines is doing to try and shore up their customer service challenges.
  • Is accuracy of answer part of your QA scorecard? According to another article posted at the Customer Service Reader the government’s call centers have been remiss in measuring accuracy in their quality assessments (surprised?).
  • Do you know what a "wirernia" is? How about "schoogle"? Thanks to and article posted by Starbucker, you can be the first in your office to know all the latest and greatest technology nomenclature
  • Who are you going to promote this week? Will it be the air-head who you like and is enjoyable to be around or the amazingly talented person who acts like a total jerk? Mike McLaughlin talks about a HBS study on the subject.
  • Are you bragging about how your service is better than the next guy while both of you are going down the tubes? That subject is addressed in an interesting post by Evil Genius Marketing

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