How Do You Get 0% Turnover?

Happy_phone Jam Mayer’s latest post boasts a rarity in the Call Center world. Very few contact centers open and go three months without losing a single agent for behavoiral or performance reasons. In the post, Jam mentions a few keys to their success that all call center managers, QA coaches and supervisors should write down and compare to their own call center efforts:

  1. Focus on agent performance
  2. Be fair to everyone
  3. Be diligent in one-on-one coaching
  4. Teach agents something in every session
  5. Update agent performance regularly
  6. Listen to agent’s ideas
  7. Discuss goals and opportunities with agents

In my comments to Jam, I said that it’s clear their team is building agents up – not tearing them down and spitting them out like many call centers today. We can all learn from their success!

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