How Many Calls Can You Analyze Before Your Brain Turns to Mush?

Tattoo-1 Originally uploaded by Atilla1000I had a ton of calls to score this week. We had a deadline for one of our clients and a perfect storm of circumstances conspired to leave us with a host of calls that had to be analyzed over the past two weeks. You know how it is, no matter how hard you try to schedule things out so that life is nice and even and manageable, daily life has a miscellaneous host of ways to screw up your best intentions. So, I spent much of my week chained to the computer, slogging through a pile of calls.
The thing about doing a good job with quality assessment and call scoring is that – it takes what it takes. If you’re going to be objective and give a quality analysis, you have to give each call the time it requires. If you listen to a call once through and think you heard it all, you’re probably wrong. Trying to keep tabs on what you’re hearing while remembering what the CSR just missed and, at the same time, scrolling to the right place to mark the scoring tool – your mind can’t possibly catch everything with one listen. Besides, you can only analyze and score a certain number of calls before they all start bleeding together in your mind and you forget what you just heard – or you think you heard something but you’re really thinking of the call you previously scored. Arrrrrgghhh. I’ve learned that I need to limit the number of calls I score at one time and then take a call scoring sabbath.
Because I’m dealing with different clients and different types of calls, the number can vary from client to client. I generally won’t score more than a few calls at a time before taking a mental break. It doesn’t have to be a long mental break. I might just get up to grab a bite of food or a drink and let my thoughts wander. I might listen to some music while checking my e-mail or take a minute to check out a few links or the latest blog posts on my weblog list. Whatever it is, sometimes you need a mental break so your brain doesn’t turn to mush. I always go back to my call scoring with just a little more energy and clarity.

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