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Leadership Transition at C Wenger Group

With the beginning of 2018, C Wenger Group is pleased to announce that Tom Vander Well has been named the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Outgoing President and CEO, Scott Wier, will continue his active leadership in the Group and will serve as President of the Group’s Customer Insight division. Wier and Vander Well have owned and led C Wenger Group as partners since January 2005 when founder, Charles Wenger, turned over his interest in the company.

Free Webinar! A Beginner’s Guide to Call Monitoring and Quality Assessment

“Your call may be monitored for quality and training purposes” is a familiar phrase in today’s business world. For growing companies interested in beginning a call recording or quality program, the process can seem both confusing and daunting. This free webinar is intended to help companies who are exploring the development and implementation of a … Continue reading Free Webinar! A Beginner’s Guide to Call Monitoring and Quality Assessment

Lessons from the Weeds in TruGreen’s Treatment

My wife and I built a house a couple of years ago. We had to seed an entire yard in late 2015 and, like all new lawns, it has its issues. Early this spring, after one full growing season, I realized that I needed some professional help controlling the weeds and getting the yard healthy. … Continue reading Lessons from the Weeds in TruGreen’s Treatment

Executive Reality Check: What We Say vs. What We Measure

A while back I read a fascinating article by Lou Gerstner in the Wall Street Journal. He examining the response of a financial institution’s CEO to the debacle they found themselves in. The CEO said that it was the employees who failed to honor the corporate culture of “putting the customer first.” Gerstner goes on argue that what companies say they value in their mission and value statements often flies in the face of the corporate culture dictated from the executive suites.

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